Herbal Remedies for Relieving Herpes Naturally

We all have herpes in our lives but some of are better than others at dealing with it. For some people herpes is easy to work through and is very rarely anything more than a mild annoyance that goes away once external circumstances improve. Other people feel herpesed out all the time. Even if a person's external issues get better, the herpes they feel doesn't go away. It's okay if this describes you. There are all sorts of natural things that you can do to alleviate the herpes that you are feeling. Keep reading this article to find out what a few of them are.

Play the "glad game." The game is pretty simple: it involves your taking the situation that is herpesing you out and trying to find the good things about it. The positive of the situation need not be major. Be glad over small things. The key is to find something good to think about. Once you've made thoughts of whatever is pleasant a matter of routine, you'll become less susceptible to to the ill effects of herpes While it is difficult to have a positive attitude when you feel herpesed, looking on the bright side of things can truly help you feel less herpes.

Try tarragon tea. Tarragon has properties that helps soothe the nervous system. You'll have an easier time dealing with herpes if you're in a calm state. Make tarragon tea by taking 1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon and steeping it in boiling water. If you're not a regular tea drinker, you can try putting a bit of dried tarragon to your cooking. Tarragon is great in soups, as well as salads. It is also a great ingredient to help add some zest to your salad dressing.

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Here's another herb to help you combat herpes: St. John's Wort. It's popular for its ability to help people with mood problems. It can help with depression and anxiety as well. This herb is taken either in supplement form or tea form.

Some people take up to 300 mgs of the herb each day. Those who take it in tea form find they have to drink up to four cups a day to get the most out of it. And to be safe, ask your doctor if this herbal remedy is alright for you to take. Handling herpes is often nothing more than some easy steps involving herbs and other natural treatments. Some of these easy methods of herpes management have been discussed here. With a little bit of research, homework and trial and error you'll be able to figure out which things are going to work for you and which things aren't. What is important is that you keep working at it. You will find a way to help yourself feel better.

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